The sine rotating plates are designed for attaching details during their processing on the machine-tool at different angle.

Construction and working mechanism

The double-rotating plate consists of three main knots: a lower base, a middle rotating plate and a magnetic plate. The single rotating plate consists of a lower base and a magnetic plate. The axis of rotation is made of steel and the base – of cast iron or steel. The rotation parts of the single rotating plate function in the longitudinal surface and those of the double-rotating one – in the longitudinal and transversal surface. The settings for the necessary angle are carried throughout a set of extreme measures; the height of the set is calculated with the help of formulas. The magnetic plate is switched on by turning the detachable handle at 180º. The plate is switched off reversely.

Characteristic features

- High accuracy of processing and steady tightening of the product thanks to the constant force of the magnetic field.
- The turning angle in the longitudinal direction is 0°-60°, and in the transverse - 0°-45°.
- The specific gravity force is 70 H/cm2.