They are used for attaching small, middle and big products made of ferromagnetic materials on machines with a rectangular broad board with or without cooling liquid.


The plates consist of three main knots: movable and non-movable magnetic block with neodymium magnet positioned in the corpus. The movable block moves in the same surface as the non-movable one and can be positioned at a maximum summary magnetic field and a zero magnetic field. The moving of the magnetic block is carried out by turning the handle at 180º. When it is off, magnetic cores with a different polarity combine. There is no magnetic flow on the working surface. When magnetic cores with the same polarity run jointly, the combined flow is closed through the detail and fixes it steadily.

Characteristic features

- It is not necessary to connect the magnetic plates to a power source
- They keep their basic technical characteristic features for the whole running period
- These plates have a constant gravity force of the whole working surface of the plate