The electromagnetic plates are designed for the tackling of products made of ferromagnetic materials of the broad board of the surface grinding machine during their processing.


The plate has an adapter cover, made of alternating steel and brass strips stuck after a special technology which secures high moisture resistance and the transmission of the magnetic flow with minimal losses. The adapter cover is attached with bolts to the plate corpus where the electromagnetic windings are located. The usage period of this adapter cover is 5 – 6 years. The adapter cover can be changed when worn out or be replaced with another one and it won’t be necessary to change the corpus or the expensive electromagnets.

Characteristic features

- High solidity, accuracy and excellent geometry, which guarantee reliability, durability and details quality processing
- Specific gravity force no less than 50 H/cm2
- Surface minimal deformations (0.01-0.02 mm), resulting from a slight warming-up
- Running period no less than 10 – 12 years